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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Procrastination and Pie

My mommy is coming today and I couldn’t be happier!  I made the really tough decision that I’m not going to ‘visitors from out of town coming’ clean because quite frankly I don’t lie to my mother, not to mention that would take me away from writing such fabulous posts and who wants that … […]

Fabulously Freaky

So I would start with ‘Weirdest Thing Ever’, but then again it’s my life so we’ll just call it Monday … we have trash and recycle pickup today but because the trash men come early, last night we put out 2 garbage cans and 2 very full and heavy black garbage bags for morning pickup, […]

Healthy as an Ox … an Old, Old Ox

Fabulous News:  This self-employed smoking pre-existing condition having husband, is proud to announce that we finally just got insurance for a family of 5 without having to take out a small loan or the promise of my first born … OK so granted I don’t go to the doctors and literally the last time I […]

From the Archives

Forever Their Marilyn Monroe She never quite fit into their standard of her Always different, not a lifer like they were Her departure never brought them to tears Why so much interest after all of these years   Forever young she has lived in their hearts They manage to recall only the positive parts Why […]

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Today is 11/11 and my favorite day of the year, numerically speaking anyway, so what better day to kick off this fabulous blog I thought … well, then I started thinking more about it and what would I write about; it is my first blog and all, and the pressure is definitely on because you […]

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