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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Not politics as usual … Trickle Down This!

Not politics as usual … trickle down this! I am so fucking sick and tired of big mouthed closed minded people that live in a perfect world bubble where the rest of us can only imagine penetrating if we are lucky, while they sit at their keyboards spewing ignorance and hate as if it is […]

2016 Election; Road to the crown, country, I mean country

                    2016 Election; Road to the crown, country, I mean country I will be writing one (1) political post during the entire 2016 election season so please refer to this any time in the next 17 months you find yourself asking ‘I wonder what Tanna thinks?’… […]

What’s on your fabulous mind?

What’s on your mind? I intensely dislike ankle boots and I don’t understand their purpose or place in fashion; as well as the phrase ‘a pop of color’ for no other reason than the way it’s exaggerated when pronounced … if the internet is full of inspirational quotes and sayings addressing the douche bags of […]

A dozen fabulous things I learned after my kids started elementary school

1. Always shower like someone is watching  2. Doors, passwords and wallets are for other people’s privacy  3. Someone’s favorite outfit is always discovered in the dirty laundry right as I’m heading to bed 4. Even the dogs are finished eating dinner before I start 5. If school work was in the form of radio […]

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