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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fabulous Fun Facts are brought to you by the Founding Fathers

Apparently the first list I wrote a few weeks ago when I was so fucking sick and tired of big mouthed closed minded people that live in their perfect world bubble where the rest of us can only imagine penetrating if we are lucky, while they sit at their keyboards spewing ignorance and hate as […]

To All Fabulous Moms

                  To All Fabulous Moms 14 years ago, while still pregnant with my oldest child, I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day, the sole day of the year in which mothers are honored by their children … since that time I have experienced so many fabulous things: […]

The Official ‘AMERICAN PIE’ Challenge!

                        The Official ‘AMERICAN PIE’ Challenge! Since ‘Stomping the Flag’ is un-American and ‘Ice Buckets’ are against the CA emergency drought regulations …    today at 6:35 pm PST on Monday 5/11/15 here in the ‘Bu with water for pasta already starting to boil on […]

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