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Why it was more important to convince myself I was a failure then to accept the truth.

You see a few years back, I wrote a script; it’s a one-hour television pilot and it’s good, no actually it’s really good. And not good by my standards, but by Hollywood standards, so yes, it’s that fucking good. At the time, I knew nothing at all about Hollywood and honestly had no business trying […]

The understanding of love and acceptance…

The understanding of love and acceptance… For me it happened in the cemetery following my father’s funeral in 1997, for others I understand it may never happen… It was a very brief conversation I witnessed that changed it all for me. It was between my mother and my 1st cousin, let’s call him Harry, even […]

Hashtag: Coming OUT is Out

2 yrs ago my daughter spent a day at Camp Indy with her friends at the beach … when she came home, like any other parent, on cue I asked her about her day: what she did, who she played with, etc., you know the roll call we are required to ask but normally tune […]

Don’t Fuck With The Forefathers

Please stop assuming you know all of my political views by the FACTS I post, because doing so is like thinking you know anything at all about my marriage from the few I write that include my husband; both institutions are much more complicated, or at least should be, than what you see on social […]

Election 2016 and the Presidential Pussy Grabbing

After two months of holding my tongue and carefully searching for the appropriate words, and only a handful of days before the inauguration, I finally feel ready to talk about the election that lead to my personal heartbreak on November 8, 2016. Let me first start by stressing that my own anguish is not due […]

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