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Don’t Fuck With The Forefathers

Please stop assuming you know all of my political views by the FACTS I post, because doing so is like thinking you know anything at all about my marriage from the few I write that include my husband; both institutions are much more complicated, or at least should be, than what you see on social […]

Election 2016 and the Presidential Pussy Grabbing

After two months of holding my tongue and carefully searching for the appropriate words, and only a handful of days before the inauguration, I finally feel ready to talk about the election that lead to my personal heartbreak on November 8, 2016. Let me first start by stressing that my own anguish is not due […]

In Memoriam …

In September of 1986 my dreams were coming true as I started college at Pace University located in the heart of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. It was my personal fairy tale; I was 18 yrs old, majoring in Accounting and beginning my adult life with my knight in shining armor, New York City. […]

Raising the ‘I’ Generation … Why We Are Failing As Parents

Ask practically anyone and they will tell you that coming of age in the 70’s and 80’s was incomparable and possibly the best time of their lives; well once you overlook the flared pants and flammable hair… Being that most of our parents were Post War Babies and the first to experience Television, Rock ‘n […]

Vaginas are Fabulous! (edited version)

I consider myself a linguistic chameleon of sorts: I exercise an encyclopedic vocabulary when I talk seriously with my children so they will learn and broaden their understanding of the English language outside of Rap music; I implement professional terminology in my business life because I am extremely proficient in what I do and my […]

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