Vaginas are fucking fabulous!

I consider myself a linguistic chameleon of sorts: I exercise an encyclopedic vocabulary when I talk seriously with my children so they will learn and broaden their understanding of the English language outside of Rap music; I implement professional terminology in my business life because I am extremely proficient in what I do and my […]


What’s on your mind? I am an adopted child … what that always meant to me was, for whatever reason, personal or religious, my biological mother opted not to abort her pregnancy and selflessly carried me inside her body for 9 months, giving me life on January 27, 1968, at which time she gave up […]

… in one word FREEDOM!

IN September of 1986 my dreams were coming true as I started college at Pace University located in the heart of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. It was my personal fairytale; I was 18 yrs old, majoring in Accounting and beginning my adult life with my knight in shining armor, New York City. While the […]

30 Day Selfie Challenge – Day 5

Selfie Day Five taken 3/6/16: Hi kids, it’s mom locked in the bathroom at 9:35 pm PST … I know you think I’m perfect, mostly because I’ve been telling you that since birth, but you’re getting older now and it’s time I stop shielding you from the awful truth of my silent suffering … now […]

30 Day Selfie Challenge – Day 4

Selfie Day Four taken 3/5/16: Hi kids, it’s mom sitting in the Car Wash all alone at 1:15 pm PST … you can’t see it, but I have a MilkyWay bar hidden in my sweater pocket that I devoured in complete peace and quiet right after I took these pics without anyone asking for a […]

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