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Why it was more important to convince myself I was a failure then to accept the truth.

You see a few years back, I wrote a script; it’s a one-hour television pilot and it’s good, no actually it’s really good. And not good by my standards, but by Hollywood standards, so yes, it’s that fucking good. At the time, I knew nothing at all about Hollywood and honestly had no business trying […]

Hashtag: Coming OUT is Out

2 yrs ago my daughter spent a day at Camp Indy with her friends at the beach … when she came home, like any other parent, on cue I asked her about her day: what she did, who she played with, etc., you know the roll call we are required to ask but normally tune […]

Don’t Fuck With The Forefathers

Please stop assuming you know all of my political views by the FACTS I post, because doing so is like thinking you know anything at all about my marriage from the few I write that include my husband; both institutions are much more complicated, or at least should be, than what you see on social […]

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