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‘The Holidays’ and more specifically the debate over Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas … Well I am here to tell you as a Jew (probably not their best representation of one, but a Jew nonetheless), I have never, not even once, been offended when wished a Merry Christmas … not only because seriously when was the last time you randomly wished someone a Happy Channukah in pleasantries, but because to me personally the term isn’t about the religion and midnight mass, it’s more about the feeling and warmth behind the phrase: the TV Movies full of love and hope; people full of generosity and kindness to all; and of course the most important staple of the holiday, the piped in music and cookie smell in the Malls which are truly the HO HO HO’s (can we all agree upon that) … and for decades before the conception of Elf on a Shelve and Jew in a Shoe, I too have been ‘guilty’ of uttering those same words to all strangers who were visibly not wearing a Yarmulke (Jewish skull cap worn by men for those not in the know) .. well that was UNTIL a few years ago, the exact date is a tad blurry but you all know the day, it was the day when retailers and over zealous house decorating freaks decided that Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas and New Years all started on Halloween … at that moment five (5) holidays became one sixth (2/12=1/6) of the calendar year and the phrase ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS’ was born and became a blanketed 2 month statement and no longer a religious wishing … Debate Over! just be fucking Happy and enjoy whatever holiday, love and joy makes it into your home this season! … so Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Channukah, Happy Holidays and ‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a Fabulous 2015’!

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